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Please help make "Familienbande" even better!

Family Ties is permanently being developed further. This does not only indicate debugging. New functions are being tested and added all the time. These new functions may not be fully working right away, and are therefore not fully available. They may contain bugs and errors, and might be visually improved. And they are not covered in the manual or in the help section.

But they need to be tested thoroughly. I extend my thanks to all those of you who support me by reporting errors or error messages, and who make suggestions for improvement. To include more users in this process, everyone can unlock the sections being developed for themselves. To do so, here is a tool to generate your key.

What do I need to do?

Step 1

Load the key-generator for your operating system:
Mac OS-Version         Windows-Version

Step 2
Unpack the archive and run the key-generator.

Step 3

Enter your data in the input fields.
(some fields are being filled with data automatically, please do not change these)

Step 4
Clicking the button "Generate Image" creates the file Familienbande-Key.png.

Step 5
Copy the file Familienbande-Key.png into the folder that contains the program file of "Familienbande".

Step 6
Start "Familienbande" and open the "Info" dialogue. Clicking on the triangle (left bottom of the dialogue) enlarges the dialogue and allows input of the generated code. You can recall the code by opening Familienbande-Key.png with a picture viewer.


Now, you will have access to additional menu items and dialogues of functions which are in their testing phase and may contain bugs. If you find errors, please report them. Keep in mind that errors may lead to data loss, and use the new features and fuctions with test data only, or use copies of your original data!
Among the new functions is an operation log file (Ablaufprotokoll.TXT). It is saved on the desktop. If you encounter an error, this log may help you narrow it down to an action or operation.


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