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Other Templates (Translated by Deepl)

The files you receive here are only suitable for use in family relationships. A use in other programs (e.g. text or image processing) is not possible.
Strictly speaking, it is a collection of commands through which family ties creates the depicted representation.

Google Earth Export (download 4 KB) 21.06.2011

This template creates an XML file that can be opened by Google Earth and displays for each birthplace a pin pin With name and date of birth at the corresponding location. Since this requires the longitude and latitude of the locations, these must be specified in the location administration. Only then is anything exported at all.

This is only an example of what can be done with the export and Google Earth and should encourage you to create even better templates.

Additionally the installation of Google Earth is required.

(download 4 KB)
 (download 4 KB) 22.02.2009

Used to import birthdays into a personal organizer (here "Mozilla Sunbird 9.0" in WinXP, but should also work in some others).

It displays the last name, first name, current age and an alert.

Important: Switch off privacy of living persons!

(download 4 KB)


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