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Please note that e-mail messages containing HTML-code or attached files may be filtered and not reach me.

Send me you mails in text fomat only. This guarantees proper delivery, and I will answer asap.

I have received too many spam mails, therefore I only display this one e-mail address on my home page. If you do not receive an answer from me within a week (i usually respond within a day!), please contact me via the info dialogue within the program. It uses a different address, and through it, I can be reached even if my regular provider has technical issues.

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Got no reply?
This is, unfortunately, possible :-(
If you cannot get a hold of me via my regular address, nor via the info dialogue, I may be on vacation. :-)

At any rate, I usually read these newsgroups:


If postings ask for me or my program, I usually see this and will react accordingly.


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