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Genealogical Dictionary

(Version 12-31-2021)

GenLex Windows (32-Bit)
GenLex Windows (64-Bit)

GenLex macOS (ARM)
GenLex MacOS X (Intel 64-Bit)

GenLex Linux (32-Bit)
GenLex Linux (64-Bit)

This file contains genealogical vocabulary. Both "Familienbande" as well as GenLex can make use of this file.

This is a short manual for GenLex in .pdf-format.

Those who already use "Familienbande" donot need GenLex, as it is integrated in "Familienbande". Users of other programs will find GenLex to be a useful tool for quickly checking unusual terminology.

To use GenLex, you need "Familienbande'" dictionary file (see download page). The file is completey editable, feel free to add, correct, of delete entries.

If you want to make your changes available for other users, please send me a note.

The file now comes with soundexcode generation and includes church sundays.

Use the software at you won risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damage in any way.


(Version 26. August 2021)

Attention: Some message texts have changed! If you have used ShowMeGedcom in an older version, please set a different language. After that you can use your preferred language again.


ShowMeGedcom Windows (64Bit)

ShowMeGedcom macOS

ShowMeGedcom Linux (64-Bit)

 The manual from 06 September 2020 (translated by Deepl https://www.deepl.com/translator).

With ShowMeGedcom, you can verify that your Gedcom file conforms to the GEDCOM standard. The current version 5.5.1 was released in November 2019 and should be supported by current programs. For this reason, ShowMeGedcom checks your GEDCOM file for compliance with GEDCOM 5.5.1, but also takes into account the outdated 5.5 version.
In addition to simply checking the file, you can convert the (possibly incorrect) character encoding to the UTF-8 variant commonly used today and have some common errors fixed.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

If you have already viewed a GEDCOM file with a text editor, you will have noticed that it is difficult to navigate and the structure is quite confusing. This is where ShowMeGedcom is a good help. It allows you to review GEDCOM files in a clear and concise manner.

Changes within the file are also possible. However, you should be well versed in GEDCOM. Normally, users should not modify GEDCOM files themselves.

ShowMeGedcom was created by working on the gedcom-l@genealogy.net mailing list. There, the developers of genealogy software discuss the identical use of GEDCOM to achieve an exchange without loosing data.

ShowMeGedcom is a tool which is still under development. Bug reports and feature requests are welcome.

Use the software at you own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damage in any way.

The following languages are included in the program:

You can also use other languages by dragging a language file into the main window.
For your own translation or improvement of the existing languages you can download the internal files here:


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