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(Version 01-19-2014)


GEKo Windows

GEKo MacOS X (Intel)

GEKo Linux
Many Gedcom-files I receive are not encoded to show diacritical characters correctly in Gedcom 5.5 . GEKo enables you to convert this encoding to a format compatible the Gedcom without changing data within Gedcom.

In addition to the formats permitted in Gedcom 5.5 (ASCII, ANSEL, UNICODE) there is also the option to use UTF-8. This will be available in Gedcom 5.5.1.

There are more options, such as the free choice of the type of line-endings, or the option to set a byte-order marker for unicode output. Please refer to the quick guide for your first steps, and for information about Gedcom.

Usage of the software is at you own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damage.

Genealogical Dictionary

(Version 09-27-2012)

GenLex Windows

GenLex MacOS X (PPC)
GenLex MacOS X (Intel)

GenLex Linux

This file contains genealogical vocabulary. Both "Familienbande" as well as GenLex can make use of this file.

This is a short manual for GenLex in .pdf-format.

Those who already use "Familienbande" donot need GenLex, as it is integrated in "Familienbande". Users of other programs will find GenLex to be a useful tool for quickly checking unusual terminology.

To use GenLex, you need "Familienbande'" dictionary file (see download page). The file is completey editable, feel free to add, correct, of delete entries.

If you want to make your changes available for other users, please send me a note.

The file now comes with soundexcode generation and includes church sundays.

Use the software at you won risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damage in any way.


(Version 10-01-2017)


ShowMeGedcom Windows

ShowMeGedcom MacOS X (Intel)

ShowMeGedcom Linux

A manual concerning ShowMeGedcom is not available, yet.

Anyone who is engaged in Gedcom files, will find that they are not very clear. Here, ShowMeGedcom is a good help. It allows the assessment of Gedcom files in a clear manner. The Gedcom file can also be checked for errors, and the character encoding can be converted to UTF-8.

Changes within the file are also possible. However, you should be familiar with Gedcom. Generally users should not change Gedcom files independently.

ShowMeGedcom was created by working in the mailing list gedcom-l@genealogy.net. There, developer of genealogy software discuss the exchange of data via Gedcom in order to achieve a smooth data exchange.

ShowMeGedcom is a tool, that is still under development. Error messages and feature requests are welcome.

Use the software at you won risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damage in any way.


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