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You need help?

Users of "Familienbande" like to help each other.
Register for the mailing list and profit from the experience of other users.

Send an e-mail to familienbande@freelists.org (only for registered users of the mailing list, see below)

What is the mailing list?

The mailing list compares to a circular newsletter.
If yo send a message to a mailing list, all registered users receive this message. Anyone can answer, and all users can read the answer and profit from it.

What are the advantages of the mailing list?
The mailing list addresses only registered members, so you will get clear answers to posted questions. Your own e-mail address will not be published and will not fall into the hands of address collectors.

But not only users write to and read the mailing list, the programmer also reads it. Suggestions for new features and fuctions can be placed here and will be discussed, and the programmer will get an insight to the users' wishes. Of course, features often called for will be prioritized over singular ideas of individuals.

The programmer also uses this list to draw the attention to new versions and possible bugs. (Of course, I am always trying to debug, and offer a new version frequently.)

Is there an archive for the mailing list?
You'll find mails of the last years here: https://www.freelists.org/archive/familienbande/

What do I have to do?
Please read the text carefully!
Enter your e-mail address:

and click here ->
The following message will be displayed: "Thanks! If you receive a confirmation e-mail (you may or may not, depending on the list's configuration), be sure to reply to it to complete the subscription process."

The confirmation e-mail is this:
#Sie haben sich bei der Mailingliste zum Genealogieprogramm Familienbande

#Sollten Sie das nicht gewollt haben, oder jemand anderes hat hat Sie ohne Ihre
#Zustimmung eingetragen, bitte ich Sie, diese Mail zu entschuldigen und sie zu

#Wenn Sie die Mailingliste abonieren möchten, kopieren Sie bitte den Link in der letzten Zeile und fügen Sie ihn in Ihren Brower ein.
#Die Zeile beginnt mit "freelists.org/v/familienbande/" gefolgt von einer Reihe Zahlen, Buchstaben und Sonderzeichen.


Simply copy the link in the last row in your browser and follow the directions.

You will receive a message shortly, welcoming you to the mailing list.

If you do not receive this message, you are not subscribed to the mailing list.

Once you are registered, please address messages to the list to: familienbande@freelists.org

You must use the sending address you registered with.

Should you encounter problems with the registration, please contact me at e-mail

Unsubscribing from the mailing list

... how do I get rid of the list?
Very simple:
Enter your e-mail-address:

and click here ->
Again, you will receive a message which you must reply to in order to confirm deregistration.


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