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"Familienbande" is freeware

Downloading and using "Familienbande" is free of charge and unlimited. Feel free to use it for your needs. All functions have been correctly programmed. There is no entitlement to damages, and no claims can be accepted should "Familienbande" not function properly.

Use "Family Ties" at your own risk. Any liabilty is herewith disclaimed.

Please note that this software was programmed on a Mac. Therefore, the appearance on Windows or Linux systems could differ from the appearance of Windows- or Linux programmed software.

You want to show your appreciation of my work? While there is no obligation to donate, donations are always welcome! Donations will help me limit my expenses for internet connection fees and software development. However, donations do not entitle you to get your suggestions for program extensions prioritized.

The software Familienbande and all its components such as images, manuals, templates, etc., have been copyrighted.

The program and its components may only be copied and distributed with the explicit written permission of the software developer, Stefan Mettenbrink.
Also, please inform me immediately if you did download these files from other sources than the home page of Familienbande, or want to offer them through other web pages or sites

Please let me know if you place links to my site elsewhere. If you describe the link to my page, please let me read the descripive text before publishing it. Doing so, if there are any errors, I can correct them in due time.
Give, and it will be given to you.

Luke 6:38

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