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Templates (Translated by Deepl)

Familienbande represents an extremely flexible concept of data output. Every user can design the output himself on the basis of templates. These templates, which have been provided by users, can be loaded and used here. You are free to adapt the templates according to your wishes or implement your own ideas.

The files that you receive here are only suitable for use in family relationships. A use in other programs (e.g. text or image processing) is not possible.
Strictly speaking, it is a collection of commands, through which family ties creates the depicted representation.

The templates are divided into the following sections:

- Print templates Output that can be printed directly or saved as an image
- Text templates create text files (e.g. RTF or XLS)
- HTML-templates for creating Internet pages
- Other templates templates everything that doesn't fit into the previous categories (e.g. files for Google Eath or personal organizer)

Anyone who has created templates (print, text, HTML, other templates) and would like to make them available to all other users is welcome to do so.
In order to enable other users to use these templates, I ask all submitters to submit a "Read Me" file with sufficient explanations in addition to the template file itself (preferably as an HTML or PDF document). Here you can briefly explain the purpose of the template, followed by short explanations of the submissions and alternatives. It would make sense to include your name and e-mail address (if not already mentioned in the template), so that direct contact can be established in case of any uncertainties.
A picture would be desirable for publication here on the homepage. It would save me work, if this is also included.

If this is too much work for you, you can send me the template as it is. But then it takes a little bit longer until I have prepared and published the data accordingly.

Found so many beautiful templates and nothing suitable?

Never mind. Familienbande is so flexible that you can create a template according to your own wishes and needs.
This can be a template for direct printing on the printer. Or an output for a homepage in HTML format. Or a template that generates files in RTF format. Or, or, or, or ...

With Familienbande you have a tool that allows an incredibly flexible output. You don't even need to be a programmer, it is enough if you know how the file to be generated or the print result should look like. After a short training period, you too will be able to create attractive results.

If you have any questions or need assistance, you will find dedicated users on the mailinglist who will be happy to help you.


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